Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 Ways to Celebrate Fathers

It's probably too late to buy a pet-themed t-shirt or tie for the father(s) in your life, and you didn't need to spend the money anyway. Alternatively, here are three (nearly free) ideas to celebrate the day:

1. Go for a walk:
Do you know a father who would like to spend more relaxing social time with you? Probably. Why not collect a father or two and walk dogs together? Or take a dog fancier on a trip to your local dog park to watch the mutts cavort. It's a nice way to spend a spring evening.

2. Make a cake:
Don't be scared. All you need is some store bought cupcakes and frosting. There are numerous specialized pans and recipies with dog and cat themes, but the easiest and most fun project might be to simply decorate with store bought ingredients. The picture above shows how you can take two cupcakes and frost generously to create a cute dog themed dessert only limited by your imagination and decorating skills.

3. Volunteer:
Join up or volunteer in honor of a favorite father. Your local animal shelter needs your help or you could clean a beach or trail. Or somebody's back yard or attic for that matter.

No matter which you choose, you'll find time to chat and probably chuckle. What better gift can you give?

Oh, and celebrating fatherhood doesn't mean you need to have a bunch of intact males running around. Please spay/neuter your pets and help keep an over supply of animals out of the shelters.

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