Sunday, December 4, 2011

UNUSUAL Holiday Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

If you need a cat toy or dog themed t-shirt for a holiday gift, just jump online or head to your local main street to acquire. You'll easily be satisfied. But if you seek something a little off the beaten track, read on for some shopping ideas for your pets or pet lovers.

We have seen pet entertainment videos and hear that kennels and day care facilities play pet themed movies for their charges but we've also read that dogs, at least, can't really see TV that well. Certainly we've observed that our pets don't care much about screen time. For real world pet entertainment, install a bird feeder outside a window your dog or cat can see out of. They'll get a kick out of watching both birds and the squirrels that gather underneath the feeder. Try the Bird Watcher's General Store in Orleans for ideas.

If you think of "sit!" and "Stay!" as the typical fare of dog classes, you may be surprised at the breadth of training available. For example, Joseph's Obedience Training School in Pocasset offers classes in nose work, tea cup agility (for small dogs) canine freestyle, and flyball. Your dog will appreciate quality time with more than anything else you could give, right?

For an extensive collection of tasteful, pet-themed items, try Agatha and Louise, a New England pet store that has numerous gifts and decorative  items from $10 up for the pet lover and the pet, organized by dog breed (cats too!) 

One very practical idea is to shop to help the animals. Here are some great online spots where your holiday dollars can delight your friends and family while providing a service for animals in need.

The ASPCAhas an online store with a big selection. Also the MSPCA.

For a really local charity, consider CapeCodPolice K9 Relief Fund, a concern that raises funds for law enforcement dogs injured in service. They have an online store with items featuring pet themes with a law enforcement twist.

If you love Pit Bulls, and who can resist them, shop the Stubby Dog catalog for clothes, holiday items, and home/office items all with cute Pitty faces and poetry. The new Sargeant Stubby designs are particularly attractive. 

Or, you might want to give a loved one the gift of a clean pet. There's really nothing like snuggling your nose into a soft, freshly scented dog or cat that's not shedding hair all over the house. Call Aussie Pet Mobile  at 508 534 9875 for a gift certificate. We can make up a pretty paper certificate for you to present to someone you care about, and that person could be you!

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